Garage Door Repair in Plantation, FL

There are many reasons that can stop an overhead door from working properly. It can be a problem with the garage door opener, or a problem with the garage door mechanism like a broken spring. If your garage door opener stopped working, if your garage door is stuck or out of track, or if the spring snapped, and you are looking for a garage door repairman to fix it, you got to the right place. All you need to do, is to give us a call, and let us deal with the garage door problems. We know that when it comes to residential garage doors in Plantation, the safety become much more relevant. So in order to maintain the garage door safety, we offer you to read and follow the safety guidelines regarding overhead doors in BBB.

If you are experiencing issues operating your garage door, you may be wondering who service garage doors in Florida? We have good news for you, All Broward Garage Doors repair all kinds of overhead doors and rolling gates in Plantation. Yes, we can fix every garage door in Plantation, and it is even get better, we can fix your garage door today.
You may be wondering how can we be so confident about that, and we are glad that you asked. Since it give is the opportunity to brag about our garage door services. After more than 20 years of repairing and installing overhead doors in Plantation, we can say that there is no garage door project that will surprise us, or that we will not be able to deal with. To us it doesn’t matter if you need a commercial garage door, or a new residential garage door installation, since overhead doors is what we do, and we like to think that we do it best.

Same Day Repairs in Plantation, FL

Whether you’ve found us online, been recommended by a friend or family member, or even know one of our experts directly – the chances are that you’re here because you need help with your garage door. We are experts in our field and there’s no aspect of garage repair that we can’t handle with ease. We have access to some of the most advanced equipment on the planet, and when combined with our superior knowledge and expertise; we promise to take care of your garage door repair Norfolk in no time at all.

So, what can we do to help?

  • We can remove dents and dings from garage doors
  • We can fit new sliding or overhead doors
  • We will maintain your doors, springs and other components
  • We can install automated openers to make getting in to your garage easy for you
  • We will remove your old or damaged entry points and fit them with a brand new doorway


Don’t just take our word for the quality of our services – get to know what our previous

In our experience, it’s never a good idea to leave a damaged garage door to deteriorate further. Most doors are made of sturdy metal, and this metal is prone to rust, crumbling and general wear and tear if left untreated for too long. Not only will this look terrible to you and Doors are heavy and if their hinges are allowed to deteriorate, it won’t be long before the entire structure of the door comes falling down, or breaks away from its housing. Don’t risk Everything relating to doors, access points and fittings customers think about what we’ve done for them. your neighbors; it can also be very dangerous, too. the health of you and your family – give us a call today.

One of our experts could be with you in no time to address the matter.

We’ve seen it all – from broken locking mechanisms, damaged springs and faulty hinges, all the way to buckled screws and dented doors. We make sure to pre-load our vans with state of the art facilities ready to deal with your repair project, and we could be in and out of your home in less than a few hours; freeing up the rest of your day for your own activities.

Don’t delay, give us a call today for a quote or to book one of our expert’s services.

Garage Door Spring Repairs Plantation, FL

If you are reading those words, you are probably located in Plantation, FL, but what we are about to say works for almost every overhead door: The spring system is the hurt of the garage door. It can be a garage door service in Plantation FL, or a garage door repairs in Aventura, but when the spring break, or the cable snap, the door won’t work or partly work, but you shouldn’t try and use it. When you try to operate a garage door in Plantation, FL with a broken spring, you create a bigger damage, but more important than that, is the fact that you are putting yourself, objects near the door, or other people in risk. And this is something that you should try and avoid.

You may be worried that you will have to wait few days for a garage door specialist to come and check the door, and then go and bring the parts, and then repair the door, BUT YOU NEED YOUR GARAGE DOOR TO WORK. We get that. To help you get your garage door in Plantation, FL working again ASAP, we proudly offer same day and emergency garage door repair service in Plantation, FL. And our long experience in fixing overhead doors in Plantation, FL taught us which garage doors are more likely to break, which garage doors are the most common in Plantation, FL, and which size of springs we will need to fix your garage door. So we carry with us garage door springs for most garages in Plantation, FL, in order to give you a quick and efficient solution, and get your garage door working again today.

There are few garage door issues that can affect the way garage door in Plantation, FL works, and we can repair all of them:

We would like to go over the problems and the ways to deal with them.

Garage door extension spring replacement in Plantation, FL

If you own a garage door that use extension spring system, and one of the springs snapped, there isn’t much you can do to fix it except contact a garage door technician in Plantation, FL. Most times when a garage door extension spring snap, it happen when the door is closed, since this is the point where there is the most tension on the springs. You may find it impossible to open the door if the spring snapped, or you may have hard time opening and closing the door, but the important thing will be to avoid using the door, and contact a garage door specialist in Plantation, FL to come and fix the door for you. If you are located outside of Plantation, FL, like if you need a garage door spring repair in Washington, the same recommendation apply to you as well: Do not use a garage door with a broken spring, and use a specialist for the spring replacement.

At the same time, when the specialist replace the springs, make sure that he also include safety cables, which are required by the law for every garage door in Plantation, FL that operate with extension spring system. Do not try and save money in the wrong places. The safety cables can save life, and high quality springs can assure that your garage door will work in a perfect way for many years.

Picture of extension springs in Plantation, FL:


Garage Door Pulley Replacement Plantation, FL

The garage door pulleys are like the tiers of your car. They need to be replaced every few years to make the door work in a better way. Sometime they completely fall apart, and it prevent your garage door in Plantation, FL from working properly, and you can immediately see that they need to be replaced. But sometime they break in a way that prevent you from seeing the problem, and only a close look can reveal it.
Replacing a broken or old garage door pulley in Plantation, FL is not very complicated, and by following instructions, and of course the safety guidelines, you may be able to perform the pulley replacement by yourself, without the assistance of a garage door repairman in Plantation, FL.

Picture of garage door pulley:


Garage Door Cable Replacement in Plantation, FL

If your garage door cable snapped, the result will be the same as if the spring snapped. The way garage doors in Plantation, FL operate is with a steel cable that transfer the energy of the springs to the door itself, and when the cable snap, the side where the cable was installed is lose, and the door become heavy and out of balance. (Do not confuse the safety cables with the cables that actually operate the door).
If the cable snapped, the recommendations are the same: Use a local garage door expert in Plantation, FL to come and replace the cable for you. You may think about replacing the cable by doing it yourself, and we will explain about that later in our article, or you can click on the next link and move directly to do-it-yourself garage door repairs in Plantation, FL.

Garage door torsion spring replacement Plantation, FL

If you live in Plantation, FL, and you own overhead door with torsion spring system, and one of the torsion springs snapped, you are going to need a specialist to replace the springs for you. The thing with torsion springs, and that include all garage doors in Plantation, FL, garage door repairs in Plantation FL, or anywhere else, is that torsion springs from different sizes may look the same to you, when there is actually a different between the different torsion springs. Even the slightest difference between 2 torsion springs can make a difference, and in order for your overhead door in Plantation, FL to work properly, you need the right torsion spring for your garage door.

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